Geometry Research


Listed below are some current and recent research projects involving members of the Geometry group. More complete information can generally be found at our personal homepages: Steen Markvorsen, Jens Gravesen, David Brander.

Some of our current and recent projects

  • The Geometry of generalized flat ribbons. (M. Raffaelli and S. Markvorsen)
  • Design of ruled surfaces and elastica-foliated surfaces for architecture. (A. Fisker, D. Brander and J. Gravesen). Part of an Innovation Fund supported project "Digital Factory". March 2015 - December 2018.
  • Optimization on manifolds - with applications to shape optimization. (J. Møller-Andersen, J. Gravesen, A. Evgrafov and P. Nørtoft). 2013-2016.
  • Finsler geometry and modelling of wildfires. (Steen Markvorsen).
  • Geometry rationalization for hot-wire and hot-blade production of architectural formwork. (J. Gravesen, D. Brander, S. Markvorsen, T. Nørbjerg, K. Hornbak Steenstrup, and external partners). Part of the Innovation Fund project "BladeRunner". March 2013- May 2016.
  • Integrable surfaces. (D. Brander). Surfaces that have a loop group representation, usually related to harmonic maps into symmetric spaces. These include minimal surfaces, constant mean curvature surfaces, constant Gaussian curvature surfaces and Willmore surfaces.
  • Symmetry techniques in differential geometry. (A. Swann, D. Brander and M. Svensson). FNU project 2010-2013.
  • Iso-geometric analysis and shape optimization in electromagnetism. (D.M. Nguyen and J. Gravesen). 2009-2012.
  • Minimal metric skeletons. (S. Markvorsen).
  • Iso-geometric analysis and shape optimization in fluid mechanics. (P. Nørtoft and J. Gravesen). 2009-2012.
  • Geometric analysis : classification theory of Riemannian submanifolds. (S. Markvorsen and V. Palmer.)

Selected recent publications