PhD Summer School
02920 Surface rationalization for hot-blade cutting in architecture
19-23 June 2017


Robotic Hot Blade cutting is a new method for fast production of architectural formwork, allowing low cost construction of curved concrete buildings. The technology is currently under development by a Danish robotics company Odico. Methods for surface rationalization and design for hot blade cutting have been developed at DTU Compute, in collaboration with Odico and Architecutral firm 3XN/GXN, currently in a project funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark.

In this summer school we will cover some of the theory and methods that we have developed for this purpose, including designing with, and approximating by elastic curves, which are the mathematical model for the shape of the hot blade. A robotic hot-blade cutting cell will be provided for the summer school by Odico, and this will allow the accuracy of the mathematical models involved to be tested by making test cuts, and comparing laser measurements of the physical results with the CAD models.

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DTU Compute
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David Brander
Andreas Bærentzen
Jens Gravesen